Fred L. Farha, Founder & Chairman of Family Nature Parcs Inc., is a well known international merchant banker specialized over the past 44 years in providing innovative structured financing solutions to difficult financing in the Emerging Countries. Fred is the President & CEO of Fundmore Corporation Canada Limited “Fundmore” his flagship company which he formed August 13, 1971 in the City of Ottawa.

Fundmore was the first Canadian company to enter Saudi Arabia in 1976, having secured a major ($37 million) design finance and build project in the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project was called Sahara Towers,  and is  composed of 10 apartment buildings of 35 units each and retains its ranking for excellence and gracious living as one of the Kingdom’s most prestige residential complexes. Fred secured leases from Bell Canada, US Core of Engineers, American Medical International and a subsidiary of Marriot Hotels.

Fred is the  president and CEO of several corporations and the Acting Chairman of the Board of  Templin Airport Corporation “TAC”  a multi-million Euro, air cargo, road and rail logistic center  development located 49 kilometers north east of the City of Berlin, Germany. Fred listed TAC briefly on AIM – of  the London Stock Exchange.

Prior to moving Fundmore  to Athens Greece in 1978, Fundmore was a major property developer, property manager and mortgage broker in the City of Ottawa

Fred created Fundmore Merchant Bank (FMB )1999. FMB is the First online full Swiss merchant bankers providing innovative structured financing services mainly in Emerging countries

Fred was involved in all kinds of projects and transactions exceeding $60 billion.See He returned home to the City of Ottawa in October 2008, after having lived and worked globally out of Athens, Greece for 11 years and 22 years in the City of London, England.

Fred  is the owner of the 138.44 acres landsite of the project  located in the village of Ashton  in the City of Ottawa Ontario, which Fred is dedicating  to the development of Family Nature Parcs Inc.TM first park development.

Fred loves nature, trees,  water, birds and wild animals. He is a strong supporter of alternative energy and alternative fuel. He devotes substantial time providing merchant banking services, free of charge, to fellow  REEEP Partners globally.

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