Family Nature ParcsTM is planning to start building the first of its several Family Nature Parcs soon on a 138.44 acre parcel of land located in the beautiful old village of Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

We will provide unparalleled state-of-the-art multi-sports, games, leisure, recreation and wellness outdoor facilities, specially designed for male and female adults and for children of all ages according to age.

Our facilities will include: Golf Facilities and a 9 hole 3 par golf course, Tennis Courts, Soccer fields, Olympic Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Kabati, Softball, Horseshoe Lawns, Badminton, Exercise & Gymnastic, Playgrounds, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, Shuffleboard, Grass Bowling Lanes, Karate, Chess, Crafts, Drawing, Dance, Drama, Natives and Ethnics games, Walking and Biking Trails, Community Gardening, Water Sport for Kids: Canoe, Polo, Kayaking, Fishing and Sailing. Winter Outdoor Sports: hockey rinks, kids Skiing, Snowshoe walking, Cross Country, Ice Skating and Ice Fishing and much more.

We will focus on providing state-of-the-art, inclusive, outdoor sports, leisure, recreation and wellness facilities, set in a tastefully landscaped garden settings of flowers, lawns, trees, water and park benches. Its business is to cater to the needs, moods and interest of growing families and to allow children and adults, of various economic status, ethnicity or disability to visit, make use of and enjoy our community multi-sports and recreational Parcs.

One of the main objectives of Family Nature ParcsTM is to allow children of all ages to participate in wholesome, fun, sport and recreation, playing on fields, courts and facilities purpose-designed for children, situated next to their dads, moms, friends or guardians, adult facilities. We believe this is the ultimate role model to get children to participate in sports.

Family Nature ParcsTM is planning to adopt and deploy Canada’s famousĀ  LTAD – Long-Term-Athlete- DevelopmentĀ  model, and will be guided by the CS4L for athletes and for disabilities. We will actively support programs to train capable and experienced future coaches, managersĀ  and trainers to the highest international sports levels. Please click on this link to watch LTAD video.

Our Parcs will be free of buildings and structures. It will be an outdoor paradise. The only permanent structures allowed to be built in our Parcs are hand wash and toilet facilities specially designed without the use of septic tanks