The Franchisability of the Company – It is difficult to determine the franchisability of the business concept of Family Nature Parcs, and the predictive criteria necessary to assess the Company’s degree of readiness for franchising its new “Franchise Brand” of community multi-outdoor sports, leisure, games, recreation and wellness facilities.

The Company is aware that its credibility as a Franchisor will,  initially, be in question because it lacks the usual consumer awareness, operational history, organization size and strength of management, to name a few predictive criteria,  for prospective Franchisees to consider. The Company believes its credibility can be reflected in a number of ways:

As to Consumer Awareness, Operational History and Organization Size

  • Canadians of all ages as consumers are aware and are actively participating in a variety of sports, leisure and recreational activities. Sport is woven into the very fabric of every community in Canada. One out of  every four adults and one out of every two children actively participate in sport, while over 5.3 million Canadians volunteer (no pay) as coaches, officials, and sport organizers. There are 33,650 community, not-for-profit, sport and recreation organizations in Canada.
  • All levels of governments in Canada, federal, provincial, territorial and municipal are involved in community sport and recreation. Jointly, they are the predominant stakeholders, developers, and owners of most community sport and recreational, physical infrastructures and facilities. Municipalities schools and universities, are the main developers owners and providers of almost all community sport and recreational facilities, parks and infrastructures across Canada
  • In Canada,  almost all municipal and provincial sport and recreational facilities are part of primary and high school facilities. Others are municipal community playgrounds, swimming pools and parks which are widely spread out in towns and cities at varying distances from each other, resulting in limiting the choice of the sport most Canadian want. This factor is mentioned as a major cause for the decline in participation in sport and recreation by persons age 16 and older.

As to the Company Franchise Brand and Strength of Management:

  • The Company ‘s business model and franchise brand will be based upon the intentional building of over 30 purpose-designed sports and recreational facilities in each of the Company’s Parcs.
  • To address the damaging decline of  participation in sport and physical activities (bored with one sport facilities) and the alarming increase in the spread of obesity, especially amongst children, the Company, intentionally, is planning to build, in each of its Parcs, an unprecedented number of diverse, state of the art, sport, leisure and recreational facilities.
  • Participants  of all ages and interests will be offered multiple choices of sport and recreation at one location. For the first time, persons interested in soccer, will have the option to have a tennis game, a swim, hit a few golf balls and enjoy just being there.
  • The Company is planning to make available a large number of  individual packages for participation in camping and other activities together with programs inspiring comradeship inclusiveness, fun, and healthy physical activities in a multicultural, friendly, agreeable, environment of joy and wellness.
  • The Company has started recruitment of a number of  highly educated (a post graduate degree is preferred) senior  executives with a minimum of 10 years diversified and relevant executive public company board of director level experience. Candidates  must have a solid  history of  love for sport and a healthy passion for working with kids, they may be former players, or have volunteered as coaches, trainers or managers.
  • The company is planning the creation of an independent all volunteers Advisory Board, with authority to oversee and to advise the Executive Board of Director of the Company on  management and policy issues. The Advisory Board will be composed of a number of business leaders, professionals, academics, municipal and provincial government senior executives and others who are involved in community sport, leisure, recreation, healthcare, obesity and wellness.

Special Features of our Franchise Brand

Features of the Franchise Brand of FAMILY NATURE PARCS INCTM:

  • Adequately differentiated from its franchise competitors and will be protected by several pending registrations of Canadian trademarks and copyrights.
  • Its transferability of knowledge is relatively very short requiring only a few weeks to thoroughly educate prospective Franchisees.
  • It is highly adaptable  throughout Canada and globally and is not constrained by local laws, or religious and or social practices.
  • Canada’s sport and recreational organizations and the immense participation of all levels of governments and the private sector corporations whose participation and support of community sport and recreation, is a live prototype for training franchisees and for the sustainable supply of experienced and efficient Canadian sport and recreation volunteers. For more details go to Acquire a Franchise Right
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