Our main objective is to allow children of all ages to participate in wholesome fun sport and recreation, playing on fields, courts and facilities purpose-designed for children, situated next to their dads, moms, friends or guardian adults. We believe this is the ultimate role model to get children to participate in sports.

Our business is to cater to the needs, moods and interest of growing families and to allow children and adults of various economic status, ethnicity or disability to visit, make use of and enjoy our community one-stop, multi-sports and recreational Parcs.

Our mission is to create and maintain a caring community environment, designed to beat usual boredom, and to keep children and adults engaged in the sports they like and that they want. We are certain that the sheer number, variety and quality of sports, games and recreational facilities we will make available at our Parcs will certainly keep them happy, enthusiastic and engaged in their sport or favorite game or to simply enjoy being there.

The Company aspires to set high standards of civilized behavior by players and visitors at its Parcs. Bullying, discrimination, harassment, name calling, violence and similar manifestations of ungentlemanly and unsporting behavior will not be accepted or tolerated.

We want the active involvement of aboriginal and new Canadians in sport and recreation at our Parcs. To accomplish this we are planning different interesting programs, games and camps to bring children and teenagers from those communities to partake with other Canadians to feel inclusive and to help break that invisible barrier that is inhibiting their active participation in community sport and recreation.

We believe the time has come for our new and daring concept of Family Nature Parcs. The present aging one-size-fits all, outlived its usefulness. The time has come for all of us to take action to stem the out-of-control obesity epidemic—especially in children.

Family Nature Parcs is aiming to become a significant trainer, molder and supplier of players, coaches, athletes, champions and the sport stars of the future and the trendsetter of the one-stop, multi-sport and recreation outdoor facilities of fun and wellness for life.

Family Nature Parcs is planning to be intentional about community sport ensuring that it reflects our best values and that everyone has a chance to participate and that every kid has the right to play, that the economically disadvantaged and the disabled are not neglected. We want to reflect and reinforce Canadian True Sport values of excellence, fairness, fun and inclusion, helping to make the sport we have the sport we want for life.

Lastly – We believe that the franchisability of a ‘Canada brand of community sport, recreation and wellness’ enjoys very deep and healthy roots in communities across Canada and now reaches unparalleled diversity, inclusiveness, volunteerism, maturity, professionalism and an acceptable commercial dimension that, in our judgment, is ready to be institutionalized as an exportable Franchise Brand of wellness across Canada, the US and the world.

Thank you for your participation and support.