Community Sport and Recreation is a booming business in Canada. Revenues for the year 2011 were in access of $ 65 billion and are projected to continue rising at a sustainable rate of 9%-16% annually.

Last year, Canadians spent more than $ 37 billion on sport related goods that included clothes and sport equipment. They also spent more than $1.1 billion on transportation costs and other expenses related to sport.

Reliable sources reported that in 2010 Canadian families (1.4 million) paid on average $4,185/family/year not including grants, for sport and recreation. Presently, the average Canadian family composed of 2 children under the age of 16 is almost doubled, reported to be in the order of $7,200 – $7,955 per family per year.

The Canadian private sector, represented by 33,650 not for profit organizations are not involved in the development, financing and ownership of community sport facilities. The present one-size-fits-all sport facilities are owned and maintained mainly by municipalities, schools and colleges.

Retail sport facilities mainly golf driving ranges and golf courses and a variety of indoor sports and gymnasiums are owned and operated for profit by the private sector.

After the federal government, sport is the largest employer employing on average, more than 292,000 full time employees across Canada.

We want to build on this huge market value. We are planning to modernize sport facilities according to the age of players, to make it easier for families to access a large selection of affordable sport facilities in one location and to make sport fun for every member of the family.

We are aware that our sport and recreation business model is different, and that it is, a unique concept of community sport. We are sure that there are no other sports, leisure, recreation and wellness facilities like this one anywhere in Canada, and, to the best of our knowledge, anywhere in the USA and other countries.

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