Continuation video message of Fred L. Farha to you!

The other, equally important feature is to create a Global Sport Community aiming to linkup children and families in Canada and everywhere in the world. The purpose is to share participation in sport and recreation, through the use of donated used and outgrown sports gears (shoes, hockey sticks, balls, tennis racquets, special clothing and other items).

It has often been said, the “world is a village”, Imagine, the thrill of my granddaughter Cleo donating her outgrown 6 year old skates to another 6 year old in Russia. Or a 10 year donating his/her tennis racquet to a 10 year old in Ghana, or China, or Lebanon. Even getting to know the name of the recipient of the gear, and perhaps communicating with each other. The world will become more human, less poor, more pleasant and truly friendly.

Capitalizing on the internet capabilities to connect people, we want to make our, Global Sport Community, a movement, a cause and a functioning multicultural reality.

Our tools are simple involving very small cost. We aim to establish online sport community relations between donors of used and outgrown sport gears and children in poverty throughout Canada and the world.

We plan to build warehousing facilities in our Parcs and will call on volunteers to assist in the collection, cleaning and packaging of used donated sport gears and ship it to benefactors.

We will ask postal services to grant reduced rates and couriers and logistic companies to donate their services. We may also consider raising donations to pay for the packaging and shipping.

Upon completing registration of My Right To Play Inc. as a Charity and when granted approval by Canada Revenue Agency as a Charity, we may be able to issue tax deductible receipts to all donors.

Come join us, it is a worthy cause certain to enrich your life!