We strongly object to the present policy and practice by most Canadian corporate sponsors demanding painful compliance with their sponsorship/donors practices, known as “means test”, as a precondition to providing financial support to kids from economically disadvantaged families and the disabled.

We find the present practice and widespread use of the means test, by Canadian corporate sponsors, wrong and humiliating, inflicting pain not only on the economically disadvantage families, but more important, on their kids who are made to feel “subsidized”.

The management of Family Nature Parcs feels deeply that every child has the “right to play” without feeling guilty to want to play, or, being the cause of humiliating their families, in some instances forcing parents to submit to the “means test”.

Our studies would indicate that most new Canadians and aboriginal kids do not participate in sport for many reasons. The most important reasons are the escalating costs of sports and also, to avoid making financial demands on the limited budgets of their families.

The Company is planning to try to eliminate the use of the present practice of the “means test”.

For the purpose of implantation of our “no means test” policy, the Company started to form a Canadian federal charter corporation as a not for profit arm, We are seeking to organize the first Canadian hybrid corporate status, a one for profit arm the other a not for profit arm.

Family Nature Parcs will make a substantial number of seasonal vacancies in its sport and recreation facilities available FREE of charge to the economically disadvantaged, boys and girls, to aboriginals, to new Canadian families and children and to the disabled.

We will seek in-kind donations from individual donors, governments and corporate sponsors, to participate in the Company’s program of matching our seasonal allowance of free players with donors and sponsors, matching one-for-one free player, by sponsoring an equal number of economically disadvantaged players and the disabled as may be qualified and recommended to donors by the Company.

We will proactively seek to raise funds from donors, from hosting special fund raising events and from a portion of the profits of (the for profit arm) Family Nature Parcs to make available opportunities for kids to have the right to play.

The charitable status of My Right To Play Inc., is being planned to gain eventual acceptance from the international community. We plan to seek the approval of foreign governments to grant similar charitable consideration (status) to our Family Nature Parcs’ Franchisees, to expand the universal right of every kid to play and to be well.

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