Players Fees:

The Company, as supplier of sport and recreation facilities is obligated to recognize and to follow the rental rates (the ” rental rates”) of sport facilities the 33,650 not-for-profit Canadian sport organizations are paying to the sport facilities owners: municipalities, provincial and territory government, schools and colleges.

During the past three years, sport facilities rental rates, almost doubled. Rental rates are projected to increase yearly at an average rates of 19% per year, for the foreseeable future. It is clear that facilities rental rates increases are passed on to families and players increasing their membership fees, coach and trainers charges.

Our 2012 market analysis would indicate that rental rate per player (different in cities, regions and provinces) and the kind of sport played, mainly hockey, tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf, basketball and softball, are in the rental range for facilities of $19 – $26 per hour per player per season.

Using the same criteria, our analysis would indicate that on average player/ family are paying at a rate of $32- $43 per hour per player per season for facilities operated and managed by the 33,650 not for profit organizations. However, major Canadian cities are more costly. Toronto, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver on average player/ family paying was $39- $48 (Montreal $36- $44) per hour per player per season. These rates recorded an average 9%-16% increase for 2013.

Operations and Capacity at Ashton Family Nature Parc: Projection of attendance is based on the sport and recreation facilities and available ancillary revenue generating activities we are planning for our first Family Nature Parc planned to be developed on the Ashton, City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada land site.

Parc Time & Hours: Summer: 30 weeks – 210 days – 12 hours/day (Annual business operation will start on April 1st and will close October 30th. Hours of Operations: 8.30am and closes at 8.30pm including Saturday Sunday and holidays).

Parc Summer Seasonal Available Revenue Hours:

  • 210 days x 12 hours = 2510 hours
  • Number of Games/Events 35
  • Potential Season Revenue Hour/Game/Events: 35 X 2510 = 87,850 Revenue Hours

Parc Time & Hours: Winter: 7 weeks – 49 days – 9 hours/day (Annual business operation will be resumed on January 10th and will close February 28th). Hours of Operations: 9.30am and closes at 6.30pm including Saturday Sunday and holidays)

Parc Winter Season Available Revenue Hours:

  • 56 days X 9 hours = 504
  • Number of Games/ Events 10
  • Potential Season Revenue Hour/Game/Events: 10 X 2510 = 25,100 Revenue Hours

Summary of Yearly – Available Revenue Hours (Summer & Winter) Seasonal Potential at 100% of use of all sport and recreation facilities. Available Hour/Game/Event:
87,850 hour + 25,100 hours = 112,950 Total Revenue Year Hours.

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