Family Nature ParcsTM an advocate of outdoor sport and wellness is calling on communities, families and individuals to seek participation in a physical activity in our Parcs, part of the truly multi-outdoor sport and recreation facilities we are planning to start developing in Canada.

We believe that obesity and its causes are a mortal threat, mostly to our children.

We believe that outdoor physical activities, any physical activity, are an important and enjoyable remedy for obesity and for wellness.

To be able to deliver on its promises and vision, the Company must be well structured and managed, must seek to make a reasonable return on invested capital to its shareholders, must be operated and managed by qualified and experienced executives with proven compassion and care for children, the community, nature, water resources and the species.

We plan that the Company is owned and operated by its shareholders, that all executives and staff of the Company are shareholders. That an independent all volunteers Advisory Board composed of distinguished persons will oversee the affairs of the company and its mission of wellness.

The Company aspires to set high standards of civilized behavior by players and visitors in its Parcs. Bullying, discrimination, harassment, name calling, violence and all manifestations of ungentlemanly and unsporting behavior will not be accepted or tolerated.

We want the active involvement of aboriginal and new Canadians in sport and recreation in our Parcs. Our Director of social programming will plan different interesting programs, games and camps to bring children and teenagers from those communities to partake with other Canadians and help break the invisible barrier that is now inhibiting their active participation in community sport and recreation.

Our Parcs will be outdoor paradises consisting of state of the art sport and recreation facilities, a place of multiple choices of sports, fun, good health, comradeship where dreams are made.