Dear Mayor Watson,


I am delighted to write to you announcing the end of more than seven months of intensive research and studies conducted by my local and international associates into the state of the business and practice of sport and recreation organizations in Canada.

We are now well acquainted with the impressive involvement and contributions of all levels of government to sport and recreation in Canada. The dedication and devotion to Canadian sport and recreational organizations is clearly manifested in the diversity of the 33,650 not for profit organizations in Canada, the documented sacrifices of parents and guardians, the huge army of 5.2 million volunteers, the extremely generous contributions and support of Canada’s corporate sponsors, and most important, the essential, proactive role, of Canadian municipalities, mayors, councilors and staff.

It is no secret that both the provincial and municipal governments are laboring under very challenging budgetary deficits and their ability to maintain exciting facilities or to start needed modern and bold new investments in sport and recreational facilities is for the present, severely limited.

We recognized the essential business role of the not for profit sport and recreation organizations and the prevailing practice of rental of sport and recreation facilities and infrastructures belonging to Canadian municipalities and territories.

We are aware that a Canadian family of two children is paying, on average, more than $4,100 per year for participation in sport, and that the choice of sport most often is limited to one type of sport activity at a location.

Our research would indicate that the majority of Canadians would prefer the availability of large variety of modern outdoor sports and recreational facilities at one location instead of the very stressful and costly practice of having to run to a hockey facility in one part of the city and for soccer at another location and for tennis at yet at another facility. The present practice of sharing facilities after school hours and on weekend is resented by many families and said to be one of the 5 major reasons for the continued decrease in participation in sport.

Our financial analysis of present cash streams generated by not for profit organizations leads us to conclude that Canadian community sport and recreation has already reached a considerable commercial value of particular interest to us and to our equity investors.

Mr Watson, I am very delighted to introduce Family Nature Parcs Inc. to you and to members of the City of Ottawa Council. It is self-evident that the participation of private equity capital in the development and maintenance of modern, outdoor, state of the art, sport and recreation facilities will save municipalities, across Canada, substantial outlays of taxpayers’ money, allowing you and other mayors and city councils to focus on meaningful support to the economically disadvantaged kids, seniors and the disabled. I should add that we are not seeking loans, grants or subsidies from any government.

I strongly believe that the time has come for our Family Nature Parcs’ business model and for Canada to share its unparallel human and social capital of sport recreation and wellness in all parts of Canada and to become its advocate and ambassador to the world. More about my role and the strategic business plans of Family Nature Parcs Inc. are contained in the attached Press Release and on our newly published website.

I keep asking myself what does the development of my 138.44 acres in Ashton into a Family Nature ParcsTM mean to Canada and in particular to the City of Ottawa. In the short term the answer is the immediate creation of more than 20, high paying, fulltime, executive jobs and an investment of more than $13 million with the potential for the creation of dozens more fulltime and partime jobs and direct financial and economic benefits towards the development of the village of Ashton.

It is the long term consequences, that appear to occupy my thoughts the most, would be placing our City of Ottawa at the start and the home of a global crusade for the spread and realization of wellness and to discover the joy of “What Sport Can Do”.

With kind personal regards,


Fred L Farha

Founder, Investor, Promotor & CEO
Family Nature Parcs Inc.