Family Nature Parcs Inc TM  The Company – was formed by Fred L Farha, on December 30, 2011 pursuant to the CBCA (Federal Charter of the Government of Canada) duly authorized to conduct its community sport, leisure, recreation and wellness business in all Provinces and Territories of Canada, and anywhere in the world.


Mr. Farha is a well known international merchant banker who specialized over the past 42 years in providing innovative, structured financing solutions to difficult financing, mainly in Emerging Countries. Fred is the President & CEO of Fundmore Corporation Canada Limited which he formed August 13, 1971 in the City of Ottawa, Ontario Canada..

Fundmore was the first Canadian company to enter Saudi Arabia in 1976, having secured a major ($37 million) design finance and build a project in the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project, Sahara Towers is composed of 10 apartment buildings of 35 units each and retains its ranking for excellence and gracious living as one of the Kingdom’s most prestigious residential complexes. Fred secured leases from Bell Canada, US Core of Engineers, American Medical International and a subsidiary of Marriot Hotels.

Mr. Farha is the president and CEO of several corporations and the Acting Chairman of the Board of Templin Airport Corporation “TAC” a multi-million euro, air cargo, road and rail logistic center development located 49 kilometers north east of the City of Berlin, Germany. Fred listed TAC briefly on AIM – of the London Stock Exchange.

Prior to moving Fundmore to Athens, Greece in1978, Fundmore was a major property developer, property manager and mortgage broker in the City of Ottawa.

Fred created Fundmore Merchant Bank (FMB ) in1999. FMB is the first online full Swiss merchant banker providing innovative structured financing services, mainly in the Emerging Countries.

Mr Farha has been involved in all types of projects and transactions totalling more than $60 billion. He returned home to the City of Ottawa in October 2008, after having lived and worked, globally, out of Athens, Greece for 11 years and 22 years in the City of London, England.

Fred is the owner of the 138.44 acre landsite located in the village of Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He is dedicating the land to the development of Family Nature Parcs’ first Parc development.

Fred loves nature, trees, water, birds and wild animals. He is a strong supporter of alternative energy and alternative fuel. He devotes substantial time providing free merchant banking services to fellow REEEP Partners, globally.

The formation of Family Nature Parcs IncTM

Mr Farha is alarmed and deeply concerned with the widespread obesity that is afflicting children and seniors, which he honestly believes is mainly due to the lack of outdoor, physical activities and bad diet. He became convinced that the need to address this issue is now, and that it is urgent. He decided to build Family Nature Parcs on the solid foundation that was established by generations of Canadians who dedicated themselves to the service of community sport and recreation. Fred is deeply committed to spearheading the search for sustainable solutions; to get “the kids out to play”, to have fun, to be happy, healthy and well, and to remain engaged in the sport they want for the rest of their lives.

Over the past seven months Mr Farha and his local and international associates, conducted comprehensive studies of the business and practices of the not for profit sport and recreation organizations in Canada. Additionally, they became acquainted with the impressive involvement and contributions of all levels of government in sport and recreation in Canada. The dedication and devotion to Canadian sport and recreational organizations is clearly manifested in the diversity of the 33,650 not for profit organizations in Canada, the documented sacrifices of parents and guardians, the huge army of 5.2 million volunteers, the extremely generous contributions and support of Canada’s corporate sponsors, and most important, the essential, proactive role, of Canadian municipalities, mayors, councillors and staff.


Family Nature Parcs Inc TM is planning to start building the first of several Family Nature Parcs Inc TM  soon on a 138.44 acre parcel of land located in the beautiful old village of Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

We will provide unparalleled, state of the art multi sports, games, leisure, recreation and wellness, outdoor facilities, specially designed for male and female adults and for children of all ages, according to age group.

The facilities will include: Golf Facilities and a 9 hole par 3 Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Olympic Swimming Pool, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Kabati, Softball, Horseshoe Pits, Badminton, Exercise & Gymnastic, Playgrounds, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, Shuffleboard, Grass Bowling Lanes, Karate, Chess, Crafts, Drawing, Dance, Drama, Natives and Ethnic games, Walking and Biking Trails, Community Gardening, Water Sport for Kids: Canoe, Polo, Kayaking, Fishing and Sailing. Winter Outdoor Sports: Hockey Rinks, Kids Skiing, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Skating and Ice Fishing.

We will focus on providing state of the art, inclusive, outdoor sports, leisure, recreation and wellness facilities, set in tastefully landscaped, garden settings of flowers, lawns, trees, water and park benches. Family Nature Parcs’ business is to cater to the needs, moods and interests of growing families and to allow children and adults, of various economic status, ethnicity or disability to visit, make use of and enjoy our community multi-sports and recreational Parcs.

One of the main objectives of Family Nature ParcsTM is to allow children of all ages to participate in wholesome, fun, sport and recreation, playing on fields, courts and facilities purpose-designed for children, situated next to their dads, moms, friends or guardians’ adult facilities. We believe this is the ultimate role model to get children to participate in sports.

Family Nature Parcs Inc TM is planning to adapt and utilize Canada’s famous LTAD – Long-Term-Athlete- Development model, and will be guided by the CS4L for athletes and for disabilities. We will actively support programs to train capable and experienced, future, coaches, managers and trainers to the highest international sports levels. Please click on this link to watch LTAD video.

Our Parcs will be free of buildings. They  will be an outdoor paradise. The only permanent structures allowed to be built in our Parcs are hand wash and toilet facilities, specially designed, without the use of septic tanks.

Family Nature Parcs Inc TM  is projecting an ROI to its shareholders, in its first year of operations, of not less than 7% rising to a maximum of 18%-22% in the third year of operation.

Family Nature Parcs Inc TM  is planning to Franchise Wellness and to Spread it across Canada and the World.

Fred strongly believes that the franchisability of a ‘Canada’s brand of community sport, recreation and wellness’ enjoys very deep and healthy roots in communities across Canada and now reaches unparalleled diversity, inclusiveness, volunteerism, maturity, professionalism and an acceptable commercial dimension that, in our judgement, is ready to be institutionalized as an exportable Franchise Brand of wellness across Canada, the US and the world.

Mr. Farha is aware that the credibility of the company as a Franchisor will, initially, be in question because it lacks the usual consumer awareness, operational history, organization size, strength of management, to name a few predictive criteria, for prospective Franchisees to consider.

Mr. Farha believes that the credibility of Family Nature Parcs Inc TM as a Franchisor, can be reflected in a number of ways. He recognizes that Canadians of all ages, as consumers, are aware and are actively participating in a variety of sports, leisure and recreational activities. It can be truly said that sport is woven into the very fabric of every community in Canada. One out of every four adults and one out of every two children actively participate in sport, while over 5.3 million Canadians volunteer as coaches, trainers, officials, and sport organizers. There are 33,650 community, not for profit, sport and recreation organizations in Canada.

It is obvious that there exists a sustainable, valuable, Canadian human and social capital that, if mobilized, intelligently, incentivized and focused, possesses huge commercial exportable value and a reliable source of diversified expertise in outdoor sport, recreation, healthcare, obesity and programs dealing with kids, adults and seniors. More than any other country, Canada has an army of dedicated, fulltime, staff and volunteers trained and experienced consultants, coaches, instructors, trainers and managers.

We intend to make good use of Canada’s greatest asset, its people, and we will endeavour to find rewarding and interesting work assignments and postings for our volunteers at home and overseas.

Yours Sincerely,

Fred L Farha
Founder, Investor, Promoter & Managing Director
Family Nature Parcs Inc.,

Family Nature Parcs Inc.<supTM
ISLAND PARK TOWERS, Suite 310, 195 Clearview Avenue, Ottawa K1Z 6S1 Ontario, Canada

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