Family Nature Parcs Inc. has developed a first of its kind concept to build and operate age appropriate, large scale, multi-sport and leisure Parcs.

Family Nature Parcs is a unique public/private hybrid concept that addresses the challenges facing the public sector in the ongoing ownership and operation of leisure and sports facilities in the face of diminishing public sector financing.

We have assembled an extremely talented team with the expertise to revolutionize youth sport, address health and well-being, while targeting the rising cost of sport and leisure.

Our development plans are imaginative and daring involving the development of several Parcs across Canada, then expanding into the huge market of the USA and around the world.

Our core objectives are noble, and our business model, its products and services, possesses unparalleled superior economic and financial business features of unmatched flexibility, able to increase and maximize revenues and, a truly a rare ability, to hold in-check operating costs and expenses.

We are seeking to commence meaningful discussions with interested investors, joint venture partners and their authorized representatives or advisors.

More disclosure of our confidential business strategies, terms and conditions, and in certain instances more specific details about our business plans, will be made in the format of an enlightened one on one dialogue, without commitment or obligations.

If you share our interest in promoting the health and well-being of your community, believe in kid’s right to play, and have the resources needed to partner with us, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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