Investors, shareholders and all interested parties anywhere in the world, are invited and encouraged to read the substantial body of detailed information made available on this website where you will find detailed information about our new and dynamic concept of community sport and the mission of wellness of Family Nature Parcs.

We want to share with you our vision and plans and to get everyone involved in the planning of a sport, a physical activity, of interest to you, from the largest choice of state-of- the- art, age-based outdoor sport and recreation facilities ever assembled in one place anywhere in the world.

For the purpose of providing you first hand information about Family Nature Parcs and to get you involved in the development process, we are listing the areas and matters that you may be interested to deal with, to comment on or to make suggestions.

1- Corporate Matters & Development Start-up Events
Role of Coaches & Trainers and Company’s Longterm Policies – Volunteerism & Sustainability of Services, Belonging to Sport & Recreation Associations – Establish a not-for-profit facility(s) relating to programs of supporting economically disadvantage children/persons and the disabled without submitting to the painful means-test.

2- Franchising – Business Model & Brand Development
Franchising – Branding and Marketing, Franchise Concept & Business objectives – Contribution of Canadian not-for-profit sport organizations to the Company – Canadian Leadership Potential in Sport & Recreation – Government of Canada know-how in Sport, Canada’s potential to supply coaches, trainers, instructors and knowhow, Canada‚Äôs Volunteers recognition and awards.

3- Development Start-up Events
Site planning – Landscaping – Outdoor lounges, tents, public benches and ornamentals – Plants & Flowers, settings, nursery facilities – The supremacy of the environment in our Parcs – Our plans to create a Destination Place for families, children and seniors to want to visit, participate and enjoy.

4- Other Services & Products
On-wheel healthy Food and Beverage Services – Online eShop for sale of clothes, shoes, sport products, hand crafts – produced on site – by indigenous and ethic Canadians such as building canoes, kites etc – Farmer Flea Market for produce by kids and adults in our Parcs.

5- Park Safety & Security
Entrance and Exit -electronic card permit – Non-member Players and Visitors ID-cards – Robust Steel-mesh 6 ft high fence and gates, camera monitoring – Security personnel bicycle-mounted roaming during opening hours – Mobile First -Aid service manned by qualified person.

6- Marketing & Team Building Technology
Aggressive innovative marketing utilizing social networking, website, sport organizations, special events, tournaments, sponsorships, awards, invitations for higher (local and international teams) to play on our fields, trophies, pillars of society days (for teachers, police, firemen, charities volunteers and veterans) – Focus on target market segment strategy according to who matches our offerings -Team Building, devise team building structures, proactively pursue recruitment of participants, each according to interest and according to a matching criteria – Structure a multitude of Sport/Leisure/Recreation Bundles or Packages to target Membership Fees to participate in our sport facilities and to make it interesting to occupy every hour segment of our sport facilities (maximizing daily player use of facilities) and to highlight the sustainable interest and enjoyment of the public to visit and to use our Parcs.

7- Financing & Financial Matters
Raising capital by way of Non-brokered Private Placement Memorandum – The Use of Funding –
No borrowing is planned – No government grants or loans for development and construction work are planned – Estimated initial capital requirement – Membership Fees and Early Bird Policy -Issuing/ distribution/marketing of Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

8- Projected Revenues, Operating Costs & Profits
Sources of Revenues, other than from Sport using Ashton Parc – as Pilot Project for the Company to develop Revenues, Expenses and Profit realistic estimates and working data.

9- Keys to Success
Company Adequately Capitalized – Plan and Execute an Aggressive Innovative Marketing
strategies- Intelligent deployment of sports, games, leisure, camping and recreation for all ages -Perception of the Family Atmosphere of wellness at our Parcs – Knowledgeable Experienced and Qualified Staff, Coaches and Trainers – High calibre known, respected and qualified Executives and Advisory Board, State-of-the-art aged-based designed and built sports and recreation facilities according to international standards.

If you are interested in what we are doing and like to know more about our development plans. Perhaps you may have ideas about what we are trying to do and you wish to share them with us we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at: You may also consider to Register for FREE, to receive our periodical progress reports and news.