This is an Ethical Investment-Mr Farha planned Family Nature ParcsTM to be the advocate of wellness through participation in multi-outdoor sport and recreation as his mission.

The corporate and financial structure of the Company is based and anchored in his strong belief that obesity and its causes are a mortal threat, mostly to our children.

That outdoor physical activities are an important and enjoyable remedy for ill health. The Company will raise capital funds by selling equity shares to the public. The Company will not seek loans or borrow funds.

That the Company must be well structured and managed, seeking to make a reasonable return on invested capital to its shareholders.

It must hire qualified and experienced executives who are obligated to acquire shares in the Company.

That its mission and vision of wellness in not confined to Canada.

That by acquiring shares in the Company, investors are making a rewarding ethical investment in community sport, upholding all kids right to play, to have fun and to be well.