Continuation video message of Fred L. Farha to you!

Our primary objective is to allow children of all ages a place where they can enjoy and participate in various sports and recreation. Whether it be playing soccer on various fields, shooting hoops, rallying on a tennis court or having a day of games with family and friends, our goal is to encourage all to being outside and active.

With Family Nature Parcs we plan to provide a one-stop, multi-sports and age-based community outdoor and recreational place where all children, can enjoy no matter what social, ethnic, and economical status he/she comes from.

We will create and maintain a unique place that encourages activities for children and adults alike. With the variety of sports we are planning to provide, everyone can find a sport(s) to love.

We want to give the surrounding communities a place to escape, meet and connect with new people and teammates. Simply to enjoy the great outdoors coupled with the sports they love.

We believe the time has come to provide an active escape for children and teens. It’s time to turn off the video game, get off of the computer for a bit and get outside! Playing sports and being a part of a team is a fantastic way for kids to connect with one another, build new relationships and understand the true meaning of teamwork. We hope to create assorted and exciting programs, enjoyable camps for kids and teens to partake according to season.

Family Nature Parcs is the new outdoor exciting place to be!