Honoring Darya’s legacy- The birth of Family Nature Parcs

Darya Eugenie Farha

(March 24, 1965 – November 16, 2011)


It was Darya Eugenie Farha, to whom the Ashton Family Nature Parc will be officially dedicated, who inspired her father Fred L Farha, founder and Chairman of Family Nature Parcs, to abandon his advanced plans to develop an upper scale 18 hole golf course and exclusive clubhouse facilities on his 138.4 acres located at Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Darya reminded her dad of the outdoor Nature Parc he visited often in Sweden, which he used to describe to her as ‘an outdoor paradise of nature, sport, recreation and wellness’.

Later, it was Darya who asked her father to include, in the development plans of the first Family Nature Parcs taking place at Ashton, a large tent for 300 persons and to place the tent in a prominent place in the Parc and to call it “The Nation’s Tent”.

That was Darya’s legacy of devotion to her beloved multicultural Canada. A tent a place where all Canadians of their beautiful ethnical diversity, especially the children, come to meet other Canadians, to socialize, to witness and experience their each other true culture, languages, dress, music and to bond, in the tent of one great multicultural country, Canada, as one cohesive and equal citizens.