The Role of Canadian Not For Profit Sport Organizations – The Company is planning to proactively seek to make its one-stop sport and recreation facilities available to be used by all 33,650 not for profit Canadian organizations.

They are the primary users of the innovative facilities the Company is planning to build across Canada. It is evident that the business model of the Company, is substantially different from the method of leasing existing sport facilities from municipalities, schools and colleges practiced presently by these organizations.

The difference is not about membership fees and other costs Canadians are paying, annually, for their sport and recreation which is reported to be in excess of $64 billion for the year 2011.

The Company acknowledges that present membership fees and other costs, have reached an acceptable commercial dimension of interest to the Company and its private sector equity shareholders.

It is the new dynamic business opportunity the Company is planning to make available to these Canadian sport organizations that should merit their approval and support.

Highlights of the new opportunities are: multi-sport and recreation facilities designed and built according to age, unparalleled scheduling flexibility of activities involving 12 hour 7 day weeks during summer and 10 hour 7 day weeks during winter, interesting camping packages, sport bundling options and an unlimited number of other wellness programs for all ages. More specific details will be published on this website in due course.