We strongly object to the present practice by governments and corporate sponsors, when providing financial support to kids from economically disadvantaged families and to the disabled. The present practice, of the “means test” is wrong and humiliating, inflicting pain not only on the economically disadvantage families, but more important, on their kids who are made to feel “subsidized”.

We feel deeply that every child has a birthright to play without feeling guilty to want to play or being the cause of humiliating their families by forcing them to submit to the “means test”.

Our studies would indicate that most new Canadian and aboriginals families do not participate in sport for many reasons, the most important being the escalating costs of sports and to avoid making financial demand on the limited budget of their families.

We are planning to try to eliminate present forms of the “means test”. For the purpose of implantation of its no “means test” policy, we are planning to seek to complete the formation of a hybrid corporate status. One is a for-profit the other not-for-profit.

We are also planning to make a substantial number of seasonal vacancies in our sport facilities available FREE of charge to the economically disadvantage boys and girls, and will seek to interest governments and corporate donors to follow our initiative by matching sponsorship as may be requested by us.

We will proactively seek to raise funds from donors, hosting special fund raising events to make available opportunities for all kids to play regardless of their economic status or disability.