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  • Introduction2

    Family Nature Parcs Inc. We want to put our unique community sport facilities at the service of every member of the community especially the disadvantaged and the disable. We believe every kid has a birthright to play, to have fun and to be well.

    Family Nature Parcs Inc, without doubt is the next generation of one-stop, age-based, multi-community outdoor sport and recreation facilities whose time has arrived! We believe that the historical build for crowd “One Size- Fits- All Sport Facilities Outlived its Usefulness”.

    We also believe that “Sport is not a privilege, it is a right and should not be denied by any means including current unaffordable fees”. There is more than 33,000 not-for-profit community sport organizations in Canada, more than 70% of their employees are volunteers, they have no direct investment in building sport facilities, yet, increasingly, few Canadians can afford present fees and costs and more than 92% of aboriginal and new Canadians do not participate in sport or recreation. If healthcare cost are no longer affordable, then It is clear, there is urgent reasons to address and refocus the state of community sport not only in Canada but in other countries as well. Frankly, this is a major part of our mission.

    We will start building the FIRST of several Family Nature ParcsTM soon on a special parcel of land featuring a gentile hill, the Jock River snaking through a distance of 1,600 feet long and a countrified 138.4 acres land located in the beautiful old village of Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Our business is to cater to the needs, moods and interest of growing families and to allow children and adults of various economic status, ethnicity or disability to visit, to use and to enjoy, unique, one-stop, age-based, multi-community sports and recreational Parcs.

    On this website, we are inviting you to visit this truly unparalleled, state of the art multi sports and recreation of outdoor facilities and to learn more about Family Nature Parcs global mission of Franchising Wellness, across Canada and the world.

    Like you, we are alarmed and deeply concerned about the widespread obesity that is afflicting children, seniors and communities everywhere in the world.

    We all agree that the lack of accessible, affordable and interesting outdoor physical activities and bad diet, are the major causes of ill health and major contributors to healthcare costs everywhere. Talking about the need to exercise or to take up a physical activity to be well and to combat Obesity must be matched by providing inclusive, affordable, accessible outdoor sport facilities set in nature.

    Our mission is to get “the kids out to play”, offering communities unparalleled variety of sports, camps, games and recreational facilities, never to be board, to have fun, to be happy, healthy and well and to remain engaged in their favorite sport for the rest of their life.

    If you like to know more about our development plans or to share your ideas with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at: info@familynatureparcs.com. You may also consider to Register for FREE to receive our periodical progress reports and news.
  • Executive Profiles 2

    Executive Profiles 2

    Fred L. Farha, founder, investor, promoter & chairman of Family Nature Parcs IncTM, is pleased and proud to announce the appointment of the inaugural Executive Team of the company, charged with the mission of the establishment of a new and unique state of the art outdoor one-stop community sports, recreation, fun and wellness Parcs. We have chosen a select team composed of high caliber senior executives with proven experience, demonstrable integrity and dedication to community sport, to wellness, to nature and to the protection of the environment. Most important, their deep belief that every child has a god given right to play and to be healthy and to become a good and fair-minded citizen. I sincerely believe that this team will be instrumental in making Family Nature Parcs a reality and a force for wellness in Canada and the world.


    Family Nature Parcs is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary-Lou as Senior Vice President &Deputy CEO. Mary-Lou is deeply dedicated to the business concept and mission of Family Nature Parcs and its unique community one-stop, multi-sport facilities designed and built to cater to the needs of families. As a fun place of wellness for all ages, especially the kids.

    Mary-Lou Ambrose-Little’s interest in Canadian community sport and recreation started 1998 as an official of the City of Welland Ontario, Parks and Recreation Department as Marketing and Revenue Development Coordinator. She directed and evaluated the activities of the department; developed and implemented advertising campaigns, established strategies and information programs, publicized activities and events, established and maintained news and media events and relations. She led the department’s corporate sponsorship initiatives, engaged in devising alternative revenue sources including grants, corporate sponsors, foundations, community partnership development, sport and eco-tourism.

    Mary-Lou has extensive experience in municipal governance and policy development, she knows the process of municipal and provincial government affairs, regulations and polices related to community development of sport and recreation. She has firsthand knowledge of child, youth and adult programs, Recreation Associations, Sports Promotion Committee, Volunteer Awards, Youth Advisory Councils, Projects Associations, Grant Writing and other works needed for the development of sustainable community sport and recreation partnerships and business of corporate sponsorships of sport programs and events in Ontario

    Mary-Lou has a Masters of Science – Park and Recreation Resource Management degree, from Frostburg State University – Frostburg, Maryland USA, and a Bachelor of Physical Education and Sociology degree from McMaster University – Hamilton, Ontario, an Executive Management Program – Recreation and Leisure Studies from Brock University – St. Catharines, Ontario, a Leading Edge Public Management – Alternative Service Delivery from McMaster University – Hamilton, Ontario and a Leadership Training Workshop from The National Center for Community Education – Flint, Michigan USA.

    Mary-Lou has served on several Niagara Region Boards of Directors and agencies, most notably the Welland Historical Museum and the United Way of South Niagara.



    Family Nature Parcs is privileged to announce the appointment of Roy Andrew Halpin as its Senior Vice-President Sport Planning and Business Development. Roy is passionate about the right of every kid to play. He is deeply dedicated to the business concept and mission of Family Nature Parcs and its unique community outdoor one-stop, multi-sport facilities designed and built to cater to the needs of families, a fun place of wellness for all ages.

    Roy Andrew Halpin is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey forward who played mostly in the United Kingdom. He was inducted into the British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1986. He was currently consulting the PGA Tour in the launching of four (4) PGA Tour Canada events in 2013/14.

    Learning to play ice hockey in Quebec, Roy went on to play major junior ice hockey with the Quebec Remparts in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. After junior ice hockey, and between 1975 and in 1980, Halpin attended and played for the ice hockey teams at the University of Moncton, the University of Toronto and Concordia University. Although offered a contract by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1979, Halpin chose to continue his studies of Sports Administration at Concordia where 1980 he obtained a graduate degree.
    In 1980, Roy played in an ice hockey tournament in Dundee with the Concordia Stingers. After leaving university, he played in Japan for Snow Brand Sapporo during the 1980–81 season. He returned to Dundee to play for the Dundee Rockets at the start of the 1981–82 season. During the next three seasons with the Rockets, Roy helped them to win the Northern League in 1981–82; the British Premier Division in 1982–83 and 1983–84; the playoffs in 1982, 1983 and 1984; and the Autumn Cup in 1983. Roy was named to the three All-star teams during that time.
    Unfortunately Roy was forced to retire the following season, 1984–85, due to a persistent back injury. Scoring a point in his final game on 12 January 1985 in Nottingham meant that Roy had scored at least 100 points in the four seasons he played for the Rockets. In his four seasons in the UK, he scored an impressive 343 goals and 293 assists for 636 points in 122 games. Roy combined his player status with the organizing of a 16-country annual event under the auspices of Walt Disney Productions Europe.
    After setting up the junior ice hockey tournament, Roy returned to Canada in 1986. Using his degree in Sports Administration, he became a full-time Tournament Coordinator for Tennis Canada and the Canadian Open Tennis Championships (presently known as the Rogers Cup). He went on to become the Director of Operations and finally served as Executive Director for the championships and with direct responsibility of managing Stade Uniprix a $50 million sports and entertainment centre. He was recently overseeing an expansion of the PGA Tour into Eastern Canada.
    Roy has an unparalleled wealth of experience, building sport management resources, organizing sport events, concerts, galas, conventions, event making, sponsorship, sales, broadcasting and deep understanding of designing player’s aged-based sport facilities, construction management and commissioning sport facilities.



    Family Nature Parcs is pleased to announce the appointment of Wes as Senior Vice President Engineering & Developments. Wes is deeply dedicated to the business concept and mission of Family Nature Parcs and its unique community one-stop, multi-sport facilities designed and built to cater to the needs of families. Wes is especially bullish about our franchising program and the spread of Family Nature Parcs across Canada and eventually the world.

    Wes started his working career in mid 1960. He held various senior management position with industry and manufacturing leaders like General Motors of Canada, Domtar Packaging Inc and British American Bank Notes Co.Inc.

    Wes worked with Inair Environmental Ltd, as an indoor air quality and environmental management dealing with mould removal project. He was the acting production manager for Nortec Industries Ltd. responsible for achieving manufacturing objectives based on marketing and client demands and for recruiting and training a staff of 75 people.

    Wes is a graduate of the University of Ottawa in mechanical engineering, he also holds a Masters in Industrial & Business Management degree from Clarkson University, Potsdam, N.Y. and is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario.

    Wes was the Production Engineering Manager for Vadeko Agra Technologies Inc. 1987-1996 responsible for the development and manufacturing of banknote anti-counterfeiting devices. He implemented a proto-type into a mature manufacturing process, established Quality Control System to ISO9000 requirement, operated an annual budget of $7 million and managed a staff of some 50 professionals. Most recently, Wes under took the reorganization and modernization of a large manufacturing facility using Lean Manufacturing methodology resulting in significant savings and profitability. Wes’ wide and highly diversified business experience has given him special skills when dealing with both the business community as well as government agencies.

    Wes is an active sportsman and a perennial volunteer. He selflessly gave of his time serving on various community committees, churches and children’s sports teams. He is a past president of the Rowing Canada Aviron, RowOntario and the Ottawa Rowing Club providing amateur sport organizations with sophisticated governance structures, financial stability and efforts to increase membership.

    Wes umpired intensively nationally across Canada. He is a member of the 15 International Umpiring Juries which included the Pan-American Games, University Student Games, FISA World Championships (Junior & Senior Regattas), Olympics (Sydney) and Paralympics (Beijing). Wes is also a member of the Bid Committee of the 1999 St. Catharines World Rowing Organizing Committee- present at the 1995 PAN AM Games in Mar de Plata, Argentina & at the 1995 FISA Championships in Poznan, Poland. He organized and managed the umpire jury support personnel during the 99 World Rowing Championships in St. Catharines, Ontario.

    Wes was a member of the Organizing Committee and President of the Jury for the FISA Masters Rowing Regatta in 2001- Montreal, the largest and one of the most successful FISA Masters Rowing Regatta in the history of this International event. He was a member of the Ottawa – Canada Summer Games Bid Committee 2001 & 2006 and the president of the Jury (Rowing) for the World Masters Games in Edmonton 2005. Wes Played competitive hockey at the Community College level.



    Family Nature Parcs is pleased to announce the appointment of James A. Simonini(Jim) as Senior Vice President Business Planning and Developments. Jim is deeply dedicated to the business concept and mission of Family Nature Parcs and its unique community one-stop, multi-sport facilities designed and built to cater to the needs of families. Jim is especially bullish about our franchising program and the spread of Family Nature Parcs across Canada and eventually the world.

    Jim is an electrical engineering graduate of Concordia University, Montreal Canada and past member of the Quebec Order of Engineers. He has a successful engineering career with CAE Electronics, CN Rail Research and Paramax Electronics.

    Jim joined IKEA as project manager hired to manage a new Montreal area facility with projected sales in excess of $100 million and 280 full and part time staff. He was responsible for training the sales staff and established a national sales and operations for IKEA, setting efficiency records for North America. Again IKEA selected Jim to manage the construction and launch of a new $30 million, 360,000 sq ft facility in Burlington, Ontario. Jim assembled an international IKEA team to outfit the stores, restaurants and warehouse and was responsible for staffing and training of all personnel. He successfully executed the opening and the launching of the new store.

    Jim was director of business development for Robert Trent Jones organization, the world most recognized brand in golf course architecture. His initial responsibility was for the Americas, the Caribbean markets, Eastern Europe and North America. Jim developed and supervised global customer networks, doubled business with Native American Casino markets. He drafted and negotiated design contracts, assembled project teams, managed the company’s trade shows and conferences, conducted marketing and PR, graphic design, golf writers and consultants.

    Jim was global sales manager and director of marketing for a Georgia USA based leading engineering and manufacturer of packed pumping for municipal, fire control, golf and commercial building markets. He built and trained national sales and service networks, developed and managed the inside and outside sales forces (national and international – North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East) launched 5 new golf products and a new municipal product line, established relationships with key purchasing agents and set up a national and international services network.

    Jim has a wealth of unparalleled engineering, marketing, management, systems, planning and financial expertise that included venture capital and initial Public Offering – IPO.

    Jim is a graduate of Concordia University and holds a Bachelor Engineering – Electrical degree and a Marketing and Accounting degree from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He also has a DEC Pure & Applied Science degree from Dawson College – Montreal, Canada, and an IKEA Management Training – Marketing Management, Situational Leadership, 4-Mat Learning Styles. Finally, Jim is a Six Sigma Black Belt (in progress)

    Jim has significant international business experience, working with both private and public sectors. He is an accomplished athlete and still plays golf and hockey and coaches youth soccer.



    Family Nature Parcs is pleased to announce the appointment of Lubo as Senior Vice President Operations and Planning. Lubo is deeply dedicated to the business concept and mission of Family Nature Parcs and its unique community one-stop, multi-sport facilities designed and built to cater to the needs of families, a fun place of wellness for all ages, especially the kids.

    Lubomir (Lubo) Kisiov has been in sports for more than 36 years. He is a high performance athlete, high performance coach and director of many clubs, Provincial teams and national teams. Lubo was involved in operating and managing several major rowing programs around the World including the Ottawa RC with 1250 members, Thames RC in U.K. with 800 members and Montreal RC with 500 members.

    Lubo is a graduate of the Higher Institute for Physical Education and Sports, the National Sports Academy Sofia, Bulgaria, and hold a Magister Diploma of Superior Studies in High Performance in Sports and Physical education. He is a professional sportsman and holds an NCCP LEVEL 5 certified in Canada.

    Lubo has several decades of hands-on experience running and managing large sports programs and events. His sport experience is international being instrumental in helping the establishment and development of variety of sport programs in Moldova, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia and for the last 20 years in Canada.

    Lubo is Canadian of Bulgarian origin is multilingual fluent in English, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and enjoys working with people of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and nationalities

    Lubo excels as senior coach and instructor, teaching courses at the International Rowing Federation. He is recognized as Elite Coach by the Rowing Canada Aviron and a Charter Member of the Canadian Professional Coaches Association. Lubo is a former president of the Inter–Provincial Rowing Coaches Committee in Canada from 1994 – 1998. Lubo loves all kind of sports, in particular the outdoors, nature and has a deep respect for the environment.

    Douglas J. Cardinal, O.C., Ph.D. (h.c.)
    B.Arch., O.A.A, A.I.A, A.A.A., M.A.A., S.A.A., O.C., R.C.A.A., F.R.A.I.C., F.R.I.A.S,
    Family Nature Parcs and Fred L Farha are honored and privileged to announce his appointment of as our Chief Architect & Senior Advisor.

    Douglas Cardinal the internationally acclaimed Canadian architect of Métis and Blackfoot heritage will inspire our dreams for the realization of our first community outdoor sport and recreational facility in Ashton, Ottawa then spreading our outdoor wellness FNPs across Canada and the world.

    Douglas Cardinal expresses his buildings in a signature style of harmonius curvilinear forms. Yet, the elegance of his designs is not limited to aesthetics- he has a deep understanding of architecture as a tool to better the world. A proponent of Organic Architecture, Douglas Cardinal understands architecture as a holistic enterprise where all members of the architectural process conjunctively create a legacy for the future. Indeed, Douglas believes that each building takes a life of its own as a living, organic being shaped in close partnership with the client and all stake holders.

    As an architect, Douglas Cardinal has created a practice where he brings clients’ visions into reality. Douglas believes we humans have a responsibility to our gift of creativity, and that with our wills connected, we can create anything. To make this happen, Douglas Cardinal’s unique architectural process starts with a Vision Session. He encourages the client to analyze all aspects of the usage of a space by studying the empirical, practical, emotional and spiritual needs of a building. Thus his buildings are designed with a soul, which is found in the intentions and the deepest hopes and desires of all stake holders. In this unique and rigorous exercise, the client can clearly identify all resources needed – be it technological, professional or financial – that will be required in completing the project. Ultimately, it is not the architect that creates the buildings, but the client; it is their vision, their financing, and their social commitment that organically grows a built environment that reflects their projected identity. The architect gives shape to and coordinates the intricacies of the clients’ visions for a building.

    Precisely because he believes there is no end to our capability to create that which is envisioned, Douglas Cardinal has defied rectilinear conventional principles of architecture. As early as the 1960’s he began using the amazing capability of computers in order to calculate the complex organic forms, most notably in the curved roof of his first masterpiece, St. Mary’s church in Red Deer, Alberta. He incorporated the technology further to increase the dimensioning precision and affordability of his organic forms, and by the late 1970’s Douglas Cardinal Architect became the first architectural practice to be entirely computerized, utilizing an architectural program designed exclusively for the firm. St. Albert Place, in St. Albert, Alberta – now designated a historic building – was the first building in the world to be built with totally computerized architectural technology to dimension all construction drawings. Douglas Cardinal’s unique approach to computers extends beyond the conceptual design phase, as he constructs in three dimensions with detail accuracy to at least ten decimal places. His exceptional use of computer software is unparalleled to this day, as he integrates computer technology in a manner which creatively encourages the evolution of techniques and technologies of the construction and trade industries. All this creates better architecture.

    Douglas, his wife Idoia and young team.

    Douglas Cardinal’s life is dedicated to creating beautiful, thriving harmonious built environments. As an architect he builds buildings, as a planner and activist he builds communities, and as a leader and philosopher he builds bridges between dispersed cultures all over the world. Douglas Cardinal personifies the timelessness of a masterbuilder.

    Born in 1934 in Calgary, Alberta, his mother augured early in his childhood that he would become an architect. His architectural studies at The University of British Columbia took him to Austin, Texas, where he worked at Jesson Milhouse Greeven with Fred Day and acquired scholarships to study at the renowned School of Architecture at the The University of Texas. There he found an intellectually stimulating and socially invigorating environment where in addition to his education in architecture, he benefitted from actively involving himself in the many human rights initiatives ignited in the United States in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. This commitment to bettering human conditions continues to be one of the major principles of his architecture, from the smallest detail to the overall design or masterplan. He continues his holistic multidisciplinary practice in Ottawa, Ontario where he currently resides.

    Douglas is a forerunner of all philosophies of sustainability, green buildings and ecologically designed community planning. His architecture springs from his observations of Nature and his understanding that everything works seamlessly together. For him this principle is exemplified by the organic signature works of Borromini, Gaudi, Rudolph Steiner and Frank Lloyd Wright – all of whom have also substantiated such aliveness through beauty and grace in their architecture. Indeed, Douglas believes that the practical needs humans have for architecture must also include beauty if we are to achieve true sustainability and harmonious communities.

    In recognition of such a wonderful principle, Douglas Cardinal has received many acknowledgments and awards including: fourteen Honourary Doctorates from several universities in Canada and the United States, the appointment as Officer of the Order of Canada – the greatest honour Canada as a nation bestows to its citizens, the Gold Medals in Architecture from the Royal Architectural Institute in Canada and the Union of Architects of Russia, honourary fellowships to the Society of American Registered Architects and the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland and the declaration of being “World Master of Contemporary Architecture” as a Professor and Academician by the International Association of Architects.

    Douglas Cardinal is one of the visionaries of a new world where beauty, balance and harmony thrive, and where client, architect, and stakeholder build together in a common vision. His Curriculum Vitae and all the awards achieved throughout his brilliant career are simply a testimony of what the partnership of architect and client can achieve together.

    Note: Photos courtesy by Bruno Schlumberger, Ottawa Citizen with thanks.



  • Raising Capital2

    Raising capital for Family Nature Parcs is a very special issue that requires thoughtful consideration.

    We are committed to the checks and balance our team, painstakingly researched and built in the corporate structure of Family Nature Parcs Inc. That included the formation of an independent all volunteers Advisory Board, of distinguished personalities with authority to oversee the work of the executives of the both companies and to make certain that the vision and mission of the Company is followed by the executives of the Company.

    Management is considering several options to raise capital to underwrite the cost of designing, building and commissioning the first Family Nature Parc at Ashton in the City of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The company will issue a timely Press Release outlining its capital raising plans.

    An independent all volunteers Advisory Board, with authority, are to oversee the work of the executives of the Company, to make certain that the vision and mission of the Company is adhered to by the executives of the Company.

    If you like to know more about our development plans or to share your ideas with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at: info@familynatureparcs.com. You may also consider to Register for FREE, to receive our periodical progress reports and news.
  • Facilities – Leasing

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  • Private Placement Offering – Stakeholders

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  • News and Company Events

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  • Parental Consent

    Parental/Guardian Consent for children 16 years and younger, wanting to participate in sports, recreational, camping and other activities taking place on the properties of Family Nature Parcs Inc, will require the signing of permission to participate (Forms) of undertaking and agreement of Parents and or Guardians to hold Family Nature Parcs Inc., its coaches, trainers, instructors, staff, executives and representatives harmless from any claim, in the event of injuries, loss of life of a child including the loss or damage to the child property. A number of Waivers and Hold Harmless Forms will be made available online.

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