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  • Franchising Canada

    Franchising Potential – The franchising potential of the Company in the number of Parcs to be built during the coming 10 years in Canada, US and around the world is truly immense.

    Franchising Wellness, to combat obesity through outdoor sports, leisure, games and recreation will go a long way to address the concern of Canadian families and families all over the world.

    To meet local demand for our purpose-designed outdoor community sport and recreation facilities in Canada, it is estimated that 105 Parcs are needed to be built near urban centers of 50,000 or more population.

    We received more than 22 expression of interest to franchise from parties in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

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  • Consulting & Management Services

    In creating a franchise system Family Nature Parcs is committed to the Franchisee Bill of Rights as the minimum requirements of a fair and equitable franchise system which is as follows:

    • The right to an equity in the franchised business, including the right to meaningful market protection.
    • The right to engage in a trade or business, including a post-termination right to compete.
    • The right to the franchisors loyalty, good faith and fair dealing, and due care in the performance of the franchisors duties, and a fiduciary relationship where one has been promised or created by conduct.
    • The right to trademark protection.
    • The right to full disclosure from the franchisor, including the right to earnings data available to the franchisor which is relevant to the franchisees decision to enter or remain in the franchise relationship.
    • The right to initial and ongoing training and support.
    • The right to competitive sourcing of inventory, product, service and supplies.
    • The right to reasonable restraints upon the franchisors ability to require changes within the franchise system.
    • The right to marketing assistance.
    • The right to associate with other franchisees.
    • The right to representation and access to the franchisor.
    • The right to local dispute resolution and protection under the laws and the courts of the franchisee’s jurisdiction.
    • A reasonable right to renew the franchise.
    • The reciprocal right to terminate the franchise agreement for reasonable and just cause, and the right not to face termination, unless for cause.

    Family Nature Parcs believes in providing the franchisee a well-established, well-designed marketing system along with substantial and complete training and overall franchisee support.

    Family Nature Parcs is committed in engaging the potential franchisee in a “due diligence” process which considers a Personality Profile Assessment to assist the individual or group in assessing their business and personal interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

    Family Nature Parcs philosophy is that strong franchisees will pave the way to successful and collaborative franchising cultures.

  • Franchising Wellness

    The Company is planning to Franchise Wellness and to spread it across Canada and the world.

    We believe that the franchisability of a ‘Canada’s brand of community sport, recreation and wellness’ enjoys very deep and healthy roots in communities across Canada and now reaches unparalleled diversity, inclusiveness, volunteerism, maturity, professionalism and an acceptable commercial dimension that, in our judgement, is ready to be institutionalized as an exportable Franchise Brand of wellness across Canada, the US and the world.

    We are aware that the credibility of the company as a Franchisor will, initially, be in question because it lacks the usual consumer awareness, operational history, organization size, strength of management, to name a few predictive criteria, for prospective Franchisees to consider.

    We believe that the credibility of Family Nature ParcsTM as a Franchisor, can be reflected in a number of ways. He recognizes that Canadians of all ages, as consumers, are aware and are actively participating in a variety of sports, leisure and recreational activities.

    It can be truly said that sport is woven into the very fabric of every community in Canada. One out of every four adults and one out of every two children actively participate in sport, while over 5.3 million Canadians volunteer as coaches, trainers, officials, and sport organizers.

    There are 33,650 community, not for profit, sport and recreation organizations in Canada.

    It is obvious that there exists a sustainable, valuable, Canadian human and social capital that, if mobilized, intelligently, incentivized and focused, possesses huge commercial exportable value.

    It can also be a reliable source of diversified expertise in outdoor sport, recreation, healthcare, obesity and programs dealing with kids, adults and seniors.

    More than any other country, Canada has an army of dedicated full time staff and volunteers trained and experienced, consultants, coaches, instructors, trainers and managers.

    We intend to make good use of Canada’s greatest asset, its people, and we will endeavour to find rewarding and interesting work assignments and postings for our volunteers at home and overseas.

    If you like to know more about our development plans or to share your ideas with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at: info@familynatureparcs.com. You may also consider to Register for FREE to receive our periodical progress reports and news.