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Other Sports & Games Facilities

  • Water Sports for Kids

    This is a special features of this landsite. It may not be available in our other parks. The plan is to   develop a section of the Jock River into a miniature Rideau Canal to provide a safe and controlled natural water environment for children (4-13 years) to teach them safe water activities while have fun swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and to play water polo during the summer and to enjoy ice skating and ice fishing in winter.

    Canoeing sub-links and if need be sub-sub-links

    Water Polo




  • Nature Trees & Flowers

    Walking Trails – all ages 3 -4 km

    Bike Trails – Adults & Toddlers 7years old and over – 3- 5 kilometres

    BIKE TRAIL – Toddlers 4-6 years  500 m

  • Gardening

    Children Garden – (1.5 m X1.5 m) children age 5-12, plant their choice of vegetables and flowers,  to muddy their little hands and witness some of the miracles of nature

    Gardening Plots 4M X4 M- Vegetable Plots -rented seasonally to 14 years and over

    Green House – Organic Vegetables (Commercial dimension 8-10 acres) rented to third party

    Local Produce Market – Under a Tent – to sell locally produced fresh vegetables during the short spring and summer seasons.


  • Winter Sports

    2 Adults Outdoors Hockey Rinks

    2 Juniors Outdoors Hockey Rinks

    Ski-Hill for Toddlers, teaching ski 4-12 years

    Snow shoe walking – 12 years and over

    Cross Country Skiing – 12 years and over

    Indigenous and Ethnic Sports and Games