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  • Executives

    Candidates for Board of Director: Family Nature Parcs Inc., is seeking an early expression of interest from senior board of director level candidates. We are inviting ‘grey hair’ executives with startup executive experience to apply. Past sport and recreational experience is an advantage but not a requirement. Directors are required to meet suitability qualification of most securities regulations. Remuneration packages include industry levels salaries depending on education, experience and qualifications. The employment package will include a mandatory equity share scheme designed to allow all Company employees, to own a substantial block of the voting shares of the company. We are  seeking an expression of interest to join our board of directors for the following vacancies:

    1. CEO
    2. CFO
    3. COO
    4. Director –  Investor Relations(DIR)
    5. Director – Sports Planning(DSP)
    6. Director – Engineering & Design (DED)
    7. Director – Franchise Operations (DFO)
    8. Senior Legal Councillor (SLC)

    Note: Canadian candidates if bilingual are preferred.

    The executives we are seeking to select will participate in completing the establishment of the corporate policy and institutions of the Company and its Franchising Brand.


    Candidates for Senior Staff: Second on our priority list, is the recruitment of the following candidates:

    1. Administration Officer (AO),
    2.  Sport and Recreation Programmer (SRP),
    3.  Shop and Membership  Administrator (SMA) and
    4.  Promotion and Public Relation Officer (PPRO).

    Our starting compensation package includes equity shares in the company. We offer industry levels salary and performance bonus, depending on experience and qualifications

    We wish to thank all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for these executive positions. However, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

  • Coaches

    We are particularly interested to receive and expression of interest from several multilingual and multinational Coaches, Trainers, Players, Instructors and Volunteers, to fill the various sport, camping and  recreation facilities: Golf Facilities and a 9 hole par 3 Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Olympic Swimming Pool, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Kabati, Softball, Horseshoe Pits, Badminton, Exercise & Gymnastic, Playgrounds, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, Shuffleboard, Grass Bowling Lanes, Karate, Chess, Crafts, Drawing, Dance, Drama, Natives and Ethnic games, Walking and Biking Trails, Community Gardening, Water Sport for Kids: Canoe, Polo, Kayaking, Fishing and Sailing. Winter Outdoor Sports: Hockey Rinks, Kids Skiing, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Skating and Ice Fishing.

  • Trainers

    Thank you for visiting us, Sorry we are not ready yet to receive visitors.

    We are working very hard to complete the development of our website.

    Please return soon, we promise not to disappoint you. The Management.

  • Instructors

    Thank you for visiting us, Sorry we are not ready yet to receive visitors.

    We are working very hard to complete the development of our website.

    Please return soon, we promise not to disappoint you. The Management.

  • Volunteers

    We are very interested to receive expressions of interest from multilingual and multinational Coaches, Trainers, Players, Instructors, Interns and Volunteers, to fill the various sport, camping and recreation facilities listed below for the year 2013:

    1. Golf Facilities
    2. 9 hole par 3 Golf Course,
    3. Tennis Courts,
    4. Soccer Fields,
    5. Olympic Swimming Pool,
    6. Basketball, Volleyball,
    7. Cricket,
    8. Kabati,
    9. Softball,
    10. Horseshoe Pits,
    11. Badminton,
    12. Exercise & Gymnastic,
    13. Playgrounds,
    14. Table Tennis,
    15. Pickleball, Bocce,
    16. Shuffleboard,
    17. Grass Bowling Lanes,
    18. Karate,
    19. Natives and Ethnic games,
    20. Walking and Biking Trails,
    21. Community Gardening,

    Social Games:

    1. Chess,
    2. Crafts,
    3. Drawing,
    4. Dance,
    5. Drama

    Water Sport for Kids:

    1. Canoe,
    2. Polo,
    3. Kayaking,
    4. Fishing
    5. Sailing.

    Winter Outdoor Sports:

    1. Hockey Rinks,
    2. Kids Skiing,
    3. Snowshoeing,
    4. Cross Country Skiing,
    5. Ice Skating
    6. Ice Fishing.

  • Careers & Jobs

    At the present time Family Nature Parcs is not accepting applications for employment. Check back on a regular basis for opportunities.

    In future will be advertising for:

    • Coaches
    • Trainers
    • Aquatics Staff
    • Program & Event Staff
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Camp Staff
    • Food Services
    • Greeters/Front Desk Staff
    • Facilities, Parcs & Maintenance Staff
    • First Aid & Emergency Services
    • Leisure Buddy Coordinator

    If you are interested in submitting an early expression of interest please complete our convenient online application form, or if you prefer please send us an email at: info@familynatureparcs.com introducing yourself, your experience, age and the sport/activity you favor, little resume about yourself, how we may contact you and any other details you may want us to know.

    Thank you for your interest!

    Also if you like to know more about our development plans, or you like to share your ideas with us, we would love to hear from you. Please use the same email: info@familynatureparcs.com. You may also consider to Register for FREE to receive our periodical progress reports and news.