The Company is planning to commission a high level sport and recreation group of experts to advise management on setting up our merits and awards programs, being a fundamental program for the development of the Company’s Professional Sports Standards (PSS).

The Company will adopt Canadian codes and rules and will seek affiliation with Canadian, US and international sports and recreation organizations.

The Company will participate in the engagement of volunteers, coaches and trainers programs, and is planning to improve the process by introducing innovative policies to maximize benefits and rewards to volunteers.

The Company is proud to have gained the participation of one of the world most distinguished architects, Douglas Joseph Cardinal, O.C., Ph.D. (H.C.) the internationally acclaimed and respected Canadian architect, of Métis and Blackfoot heritage as our Chief Architect and Senior Advisor. With his participation, the Company is planning several awards and citations to honor aboriginal and new Canadian players, volunteers, coaches and trainers.

The Company’s Team Building Programs are a significant tool to structure and to promote sports and recreational programs, to recognize and to award the dedication and talents of young players and their coaches through special citations and other distinctions.

Family Nature Parcs – WALL OF WELLNESS

At our first Parc in Ashton, we are planning to build the Wall Of Wellness. The Wall will either be of white marble or granite. The wall will be located in a garden setting surrounded with flower beds and a variety of Canadian maple trees.

On our Wall, you’ll find engraved the names of those:

  • Who cared for kids and their right to play.
  • Who donated and sponsored the economically disadvantaged and the disabled.
  • Who contributed to the inclusion of aboriginal and new Canadians in community sport.
  • Who volunteered to help themselves and others become interested in sport, and to the founders, executives and advisors of Family Nature Parcs.

The Honors Wall of Wellness

Our Global Sport Community

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